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What is eTIMS?

eTIMS is a software solution which provides technological convenience to meet taxpayers’ compliance needs. eTIMS will be accessed through various electronic devices including computers and mobile phone Apps, making it more convenient, user-friendly and flexible for businesses to use with our etims machines

What do I stand to benefit by adopting eTIMS?

The objective of eTIMS is to reduce the cost of compliance for VAT registered businesses. Through integration with eTIMS businesses will benefit from real time invoice transmission providing accuracy in tax invoice declarations and reconciliation between filed returns and payments. This will also eliminate the need for multiple hardware purchases. You only need our etims machine.

Who should use eTIMS?

  • VAT registered taxpayers who are yet to be onboarded and are facing challenges integrating with TIMS ETR devices.
  • Taxpayers dealing in bulk invoicing and facing capacity/performance issues with invoice transmission.
  • VAT registered taxpayers facing challenges integrating with TIMS ETR devices.


Getting Started with eTims

To start using eTIMS, you need to complete the following steps. First, download and fill out the eTIMS commitment form. Once done, proceed to the eTIMS portal.

As a VAT taxpayer, sign up on the eTIMS portal and submit an application for your preferred software option. Keep in mind that you can only choose one software option at a time.

Authorized KRA officers will then review your application. They’ll conduct a Know Your Taxpayer (KYT) interview to gather information such as the nature of your business (service industry or supplies goods or both), the frequency of invoicing, and whether you have access to a computing device and the internet.

This information is crucial in determining the most suitable etims solutions or etims machine option for you and expediting the approval process. Once your application is approved, a KRA officer will schedule a date and time to install, configure, and provide training on how to use the eTIMS software for invoicing purposes.


eTims Frequently Asked Questons

Yes we do. We makes sure we follow,up with our clients to make sure they
experience 100% Uptime & service from the products they purchase
from Us.

Do you Offer training on how to use the KRA etims devices?

Yes. We do offer free training to our clients, on how to go about all
basic operations of the respective etims solutions or etims devices.
Yes. We have professionals, technicians who makes sure all the devices are well set/configured as per the guidelines by KRA to meet the user requirements. We have technicians to conduct Installations and technical etims machines support to our clients at any time of the day.
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